Alaska's "Great Places"

"The Last Frontier" boasts stunning natural beauty

The United States Travelers League reveals our inaugural "100 Great American Places" list starting in early 2021. Here are five early nominees for Alaska: The Last Frontier, including  Denali National Park (pictured). (Photo: Steve Halama, Unsplash)

1. Sitka National Historical Park -- Sitka

At Sitka National Historical Park, visitors are awed by Tlingit and Haida totem poles standing along the park’s scenic coastal trail.

2. Alaska Native Heritage Center -- Anchorage

Alaska Native Heritage Center preserves and strengthens the traditions, languages, and art of Alaska’s Native People through statewide collaboration, celebration, and education.

3. Alaska SeaLife Center -- Seward

The Alaska SeaLife Center is the only facility in Alaska that combines a public aquarium with marine research, education, and wildlife response.

4. Musk Ox Farm -- Palmer

The non-profit Musk Ox Farm is dedicated to the domestication of the musk ox, an Ice Age mammal that once roamed the earth alongside saber-tooth tigers and woolly mammoths.

5. Denali National Park & Preserve

Denali is six million acres of wild land, including North America's tallest peak, 20,310' Denali. Wild animals large and small roam unfenced lands, living as they have for ages.

Tell us what you think, and nominate your favorites, either in this post or by using the contact form on our home page. Let's make sure Alaska is well-represented on the nationwide list.

The USTL’s mission is to inspire people to explore the U.S., from sea to shining sea, one state at a time. We'd love for you to be a part of it. Please sign up at Come build the community, come join the League! The United States Travelers League.

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