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Inspire U.S. exploration, one state at a time

As we adapt to a "new normal," Americans are eager to get back on the road to explore all the wonders this country has to offer. Thousands of small businesses are desperate to have their guests return.


Stores, restaurants, night clubs, bed & breakfasts, ice cream shops, and tourist spots of all types have reopened their doors. Now they need attract visitors. The United States Travelers League TM aims to help that happen.

The United States Travelers League’s mission is to inspire people to re-explore the U.S., from sea to shining sea, one state at a time. 


Every state has its own hidden gems, and the USTL plans to tell you about them. We’ll get info from the local experts, who will provide the tips to ensure a great time when you visit any of the 50 states (plus D.C. and Puerto Rico). We’ll also learn from fellow USTL members, who will share secrets of their home states, and highlights from journeys elsewhere.

We'd love for you to be a part of it. Please sign up at the top of the page. Come build the community, come join the League! The United States Travelers League.





Celebrating every state, inviting everyone to explore

As we build out the United States Travelers League in the coming months, the goal is to provide fun, useful, valuable information to encourage you to go on a road trip and see something new as you explore the red, white and blue. This website ( will be the hub, eventually with a page for each of the 50 states. Features will include "Three Great Days" in each state, can't-miss spots for food, fun, shopping, culture, nature, sports, music and more.

People who sign up for our completely free United States Travelers League membership will get a weekly email newsletter, focusing on hidden gems in that's week's spotlight state. (Since there are 52 weeks in a year, D.C. and Puerto Rico will also be highlighted. Bonus!) USTL members will also be eligible for special offers from our marketing partners.


We also plan to host live events, conduct treasure hunts, and recognize people who “collect” states. What does that mean? Whether you are trying to set foot in all 50 states or just your first five, USTL has plans to award virtual challenge coins and proclamations for hitting your goal.



Come build the community,
come join the League

Who is the United States Travelers League designed for? Everyone who wants to see more of the amazing USA. That includes singles, couples, families, kids and seniors. We'll showcase attractions that appeal to you.

Our focus will be on providing guidance on how to get good value for your travel dollar. The United States Travelers League is not about fancy. We're about fun. Exploring the U.S. doesn't have to break the bank.

But none of this happens without like-minded people who want to share new experiences while helping out great local merchants and attractions.


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Thank you for helping us build the United States Travelers League community. We look forward to much fun together!




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